The Katfam Difference

The Katfam Difference

We call all of this "The Katfam Difference" - a combination of customer service, after-sale support, and as much extra value as we can possibly pile on top of an already great deal to ensure that you come away from dealing with us with a smile on your face and a memory of a life time.

We will always keep you smiling the Katfam way

  • We are committed to constant and never-ending improvement. This means that everything is a work in progress. We push ourselves with positive dissatisfaction and believe that good enough is seldom good and it's never enough.

  • We are positive and inspiring. We look at the bright side of things. We set big goals to keep us inspired. We only hire people with ambition, initiative, persistence and enthusiasm. We look for people who are passionate about their work and success.

  • Honesty without compromise. This one is simple: We do what we say we are going to do and honor our commitments.

  • We have fun. We have a positive, upbeat environment with a team of great people - we enjoy who we work with. We work hard and play hard. We don't take ourselves too serious.

We consider our customers to be our friends. And, we treat you, our friends, in the same way that we want to be treated - with caring, professionalism, and a true interest in your success. We believe that if you are successful, and if you are satisfied in your dealings with us, then we will in turn be successful.sly but we mean business about success.