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Retractable Banners

  • Quick and easy setup for conventions
  • Arrives assembled to a frame & in a travel bag
  • Available in 3 sizes including 33.5″ x 79″
  • Printed on waterproof 13 oz. poly film

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Display Options: Stand + 1 Banner (Single Sided) Frame Color: Silver Material: 13 oz. Poly Film

Show Off & Stand Out With Premium Retractable Banner Printing

Captivate a customer’s attention with a retractable banner showcasing your best products or services. Our retractable banner printing options offer flexibility and durability for large events such as conferences and conventions.

What Are the Benefits of the Banner Material?

Your retractable pop-up banner is printed on 13 oz. poly film material that offers several advantageous features:

  • White front for your design & light blocking gray back that provides high-opacity
  • One-sided printing to draw customers and clients to your booth
  • Super smooth, curl-resistant material that keeps the design looking brand new
  • Durable and waterproof features keep it protected from external forces
  • Ideal for indoor displays

Which is the Best Size for My Design?

We offer three standard retractable banner sizes that are suitable for informative & visual designs.

  • 23.5″ x 79″ is the thinnest measurement both horizontally and vertically.
  • 33.5″ x 79″ is the most popular one, providing ample space for large images, a logo, and several portions of text.
  • 47″ x 79″ has the most generous width, making it ideal for large images and other visually oriented designs.

Note: The measurements above cover only the banner’s display area. It does not account for the stand and other accessories after the banner has been assembled.

How Do I Assemble the Banner?

The retractable banner is delivered in a travel bag that comes with several parts. Here’s how you can assemble each part accordingly:

1. Base – Set the base on the ground and rotate the feet out by 90 degrees.

Retractable Banner Printing

2. Support poles – Connect the support poles and insert them into the slit at the top of the base.

Retractable Banner Printing

3. Header Bar – Gently lift the header bar and pull the banner up from the base. Note that it’s easier to pull up from an angle rather than perpendicular to the ground.

Retractable Banner Printing

4. Connect the header bar and pole – Hook the top header bar into the slot at the end of the pole.

Retractable Banner Printing

Whether you’re rushing for a big event or planning ahead, our retractable banner printing options get the job done. Upload your retractable banner design on our online calculator or download our available templates to get started.


What is the best way to design my retractable banner?

Keep in mind these important tips as you create a retractable banner design:

  • Choose a left to right or top to bottom orientation. Your design should guide the customer on how to read the brand elements and text. Will you go for a top to bottom or left to right orientation? A taller size works better with a top to bottom sweep, while a wider size reads better from left to right.
  • Always use high resolution images.Banners are large and meant to call attention from afar. The images you use should not appear pixelated whether viewed up close or from afar. The resolution of all images and other visual elements should be at 300 dots per inch (dpi).
  • Complement and get creative with colors. No one wants to look at a dull, black and white banner. Use colors that have impact but also work well when viewed together. Make sure the hues don’t clash. Stick to shades that are also within your branding style guide.

Does a replacement banner come with the order?

No, we do not include a replacement banner, but all orders come with a stand. Our material and the accompanying accessories last over 5 years with proper care.

How long do I have to wait for my retractable banner?

You can choose a printing time on the online calculator. Our shortest printing time is only 2 business days.

The printing time does not include shipping to your address. Select the “Estimate Shipping Cost and Delivery Date” link to find out your order’s arrival.


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