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Photography Services

Are you planning a wedding? How about a family photoshoot or a corporate event? 

We’ll help you capture every special moment as it unfolds.

Live. Capture. Relive. This is our mantra when it comes to the photography services we offer. We strive to ensure that on your special occasion, we capture the special moments while you enjoy them. We have mastered the art of proper prior planning and exquisite execution to deliver unrivaled photography services. Our photography services are tailored to meet your specific needs, and we’ll provide a team of expert to deliver on:


The family is the gift that keeps giving. Document all those important moments to relieve them long after they are gone. Let us document your:
  • Family reunion events
  • Birthday parties
  • Graduation events
  • Welcome home celebrations
  • And so much more!


Love is everything, and the journey down the aisle should be celebrated. We want to capture the moments, every step of the way.
  • The engagement photo shoot.
  • Wedding day celebrations.


    Having a corporate event? Get in touch with us, and we will tailor our photography services to best suit your institution and the event. We pride ourselves in creating diverse and unique coverage packages for every corporate client to ensure all aspects of the event are covered. With our high-quality photography, you can professionally introduce your business to the world in an engaging and captivating manner.


    At Katfam, we understand that professional headshots are an integral part of any successful marketing strategy for businesses and people looking to grow their brands. Our team will help you raise your professional image by creating a powerful and lasting personal brand that will capture the attention of your audience. Our flawless headshots can be used throughout all your core marketing materials, both online and on print media.

    If you’re a real estate agent, title insurance representative, seasoned top producer, loan officer, solo business owner, or budding entrepreneur, we can help you create a headshot that resonates with your branding and marketing goals and showcases your brand, builds trust, and creates sufficient face-time.


    ​Our photo-imaging center uses the latest technology and equipment to transform images into spectacular pieces of art. From banners to backlit graphics, we breathe life into your creations

    Our state-of-the-art photo imaging center is equipped with the latest technologies, where images turn into art with the perfect blend of creativity and skill. Our photo imaging center is dedicated to bringing our clients’ imagination to life with every order made. Employing the best photo imaging software and equipment, our team of experts will develop your images in their best form.



    Accompany your passport application with a good quality passport photo done right by our skilled staff.

    Gone are the days for bad passport photos. If you are going to have them for up to 10 years, you might as well have them well done. How? Book a session with us and let us do the rest. The process will be short and simple. The result? Excellent quality passport photos of a great looking you, developed in just a few minutes.


    Our team of experts employs only the most effective finishing tools, coupled with the best technology to deliver customer satisfaction when developing images to the final product.

    What does photo editing mean to us? It’s the greatest opportunity for us to transform and translate the work of our clients into high-quality products. Our team of experts employs only the most effective finishing tools, coupled with the best technology to deliver customer satisfaction when developing images to the final product. And to top it off, all our photofinishing services are competitively priced. That is how we deliver value over value on every order by our clients every day

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