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Simple, But Not Easy

It seems so simple: just make your customers happy! In fact it takes a lot of hard work to make it happen - but not everyone is willing to make that effort. That very simple concept is the reason Katfam Photo was founded in the first place. Back in 2002, Martin Stated taking Photos of his family. In 2008 he started a small business in his home in Ashland covering wedding, events and family portraits. Martin was always looking for new and new ways of preserving People’s memories.

That's where the problem reared its ugly head...there wasn't a one stop Photo and print shop around that provided the kind of service, support, selection, and pricing that would make Martin a satisfied customer. At the same time, Martin had begun taking wedding and events, and selling those Photos to many Families. Those Photo -clients were also seeking a retailer they could trust. Martin saw a niche, and Katfam Photo's retail division was born.

An Unparalleled Experience

From Day One, Martin was committed to providing a retail experience for his customers that was unparalleled - the sort of experience he always sought as a customer. Word of his commitment to service, his Business knowledge, and the support he offered spread, and Katfam Photo quickly expanded, outgrowing His home basement along the way, and constantly expanding its staff.

It will come as no surprise, but the key to this growth is the Family. Each member of the Katfam family is as firmly committed to customer satisfaction as Martin is. To work here requires experience and knowledge, but also a level of professionalism and integrity that isn't found at other retail establishments.