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Backlit graphic printing provides an impact to any display presentation and only Katfam can deliver superior quality backlit graphics printing. Our digitally printed photographic quality backlit signs have incredible color depth and are UV printed for maximum durability and longevity to brighten up your advertising. Our Backlit Film is the most popular option for standard light box application with diffuser and protective front layer.

Backlit sign displays are signs with colorful graphics that are lit from behind. They can have great color depth and their vibrancy demands attention! Backlit graphic printing is ideal for a lightboxes or store window displays because when you light them up, the illumination accentuates the colors and details of your backlit sign’s design. Even during the day when it is not lit up, backlit sign graphics are vibrant and visible.

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Print backlit graphics to serve many purposes, including trade shows, retail, POP displays, airport and civic center advertising, and so much more. Backlit graphics create a great first impression and get attention. As an alternative to regular signs and banners, backlit graphics will easily capture the attention of customers and will keep you front of mind.

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  • Better quality and cheaper: Prints are sharper, richer, last longer, and cost less.
  • Small and large quantities available: Order 1, to anything quantity.
  • We print custom sizes: Upload your design and choose your size.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: We’re real people who really know print.

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