Who we are

Welcome to Katfam Photo!

Katfam Photo, located 861 Edgell Road in Framingham, Massachusetts, a one stop Publishing and photographic co. offers a wider variety of Services, From Home Movie transfer, Photo Finishing, to Business Printing, and other sophisticated finishing options, We offer Wedding, Family and Corporate Photography, Video Transfers, photo scanning services, We produce High end photographic quality large format prints, backlit graphics, and banners. Katfam Photo will execute full variable data and cross-media direct marketing, we are both Dry and Wet Photo finishers

Katfam Photo was founded on the simple premise that Print Media and photos make the world a better place. Born from a very personal photo story, Katfam Photo is committed to changing the print / photo lovers' landscape and helping Business/photo takers everywhere enjoy, share, preserve and have fun with their photos and memories.

At Katfam Photo a good day means we've solved a problem for a customer, uncovered a new product or service to make life easier, and delighted a photo/movie taker with a long-forgotten shot.
Our vision is to build a great company that:

We continue to raise the bar, and we work hard every day to make our dream a reality.



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