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Katfam is a one-stop publishing and photo company located at 847 Edgell Road in Framingham, Massachusetts. We combine the latest technology with our expertise to help our clients capture, preserve, and share their stories through a variety of print media and photography services.

Our services include photography, photo finishing, Home Movies Transfer, Reel transfer (16 mm & super 8mm) video/audio transfer, Canvas printing and copy and print solutions. With the best photo-imaging resources at our disposal, we also take pride in producing high-quality banners, backlit graphics, and large format prints.

Inspired by a personal photography story, Katfam is devoted to helping families, businesses, corporates, and photography lovers have the best experience reliving their memories. We treat each of our esteemed clients as a priority and give every customer a listening ear to ensure we deliver what they need. At Katfam, a good day means we’ve solved a problem for a customer, discovered a new product or service to make life easier, or delighted a photo/movie taker with a long-forgotten shot.

Our Mission Statement

We believe that every lost memory can be awakened. It is our purpose to recall and inspire the human connection – one memory, one person, one family, one print, one video, and one photo at a time.

The katfam Difference

At Katfam, we believe that our success is tied to the happiness and satisfaction of our clients, which means excellent customer service, after-sale support, and overall value. So, how do we manage to keep our customers smiling?

  • We put our customers first. We offer our clients the advice and support they require to make the right choices and get the best out of our products.
  • We are devoted to continuous improvement. At Katfam, we push ourselves to be better. We believe that good is never enough.
  • Honesty. We deliver what we promise and honor our commitments.
  • We have fun. Katfam is made up of a team of great people working in a positive, upbeat environment. We enjoy who we work with and live up to the spirit of “work hard, play hard!”

We consider our customers to be our friends. And, we treat you, our friends, in the same way that we want to be treated – with care, courtesy, and a true interest in your success.

Meet the team

Back in 2002, Martin Katamba started taking photos of his family. In 2008 he started a small business in his home in Ashland, covering weddings and events and taking family portraits. Martin was always looking for new ways of preserving people’s memories but there wasn’t a one-stop photo and print shop around that provided the kind of service, support, selection, and pricing that would make Martin a satisfied customer. Martin saw a niche, and Katfam’s retail division was born.

Martin Katamba has always been committed to providing a retail experience for his customers that is unparalleled – the sort of experience he always sought as a customer. Word of his commitment to service, his business knowledge, and the support he offers has been instrumental in the quick expansion of Katfam Photo.

The key to this growth is the Katfam family. Each member of the Katfam family is as firmly committed to customer satisfaction as Martin is. To work here, one requires experience and knowledge but also a level of professionalism and integrity that isn’t often found at other retail establishments.

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